Politics As It Happens: Commissioner’s Briefing – 6% Across-the-Board Cut for All OPWDD Voluntary Programs

As noted previously, due to the $5,000-per-day rate controversy, the State will make $500 million in cuts to Medicaid programs.

As also noted, OPWDD programs’ share of the cuts totals $120 million.

After a conference call with Commissioner Burke just now, it became clear that the entire amount of those cuts will be borne by the voluntary OPWDD sector. Thus, the $120 million equates to a 6% across the board cut. Furthermore, since each State dollar cut loses $1 in federal Medicaid matching money, the total cut will be $240 million. The Commissioner indicated that since the cuts need to be in place on April 1, there is insufficient time to do anything other than an across-the-board cut.

CMS LogoIt was also suggested that negotiations with CMS are not fully concluded and that there could be additional impacts – good or bad – once that happens.

Obviously, these are devastating cuts. Since last night we have been at work on an effective advocacy strategy to deal with them.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/RTPJFL7G3QJFJ3DTCOXKND3JAU Barry

    Has anyone calculated the impact a imposed “sequester” would have on top of the $240mil hit the volountaries are to take?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/RTPJFL7G3QJFJ3DTCOXKND3JAU Barry

    Anyone calculate the impact a imposed “sequester” would have on the volountaries on top of the $240mil hit?